I Will Run A Hospital, Where There Will Be Free Treatment : Mushfiqur Rahim

Mushfiqur Rahim is one of the hardest working players of Bangladesh national cricket team whose name comes to mind first. The star batsman has made himself one of the best batsmen in the country with his hard work and perseverance. Mushfiqur is known as the run machine in the country’s cricket.

Has done numerous social work during this time of the epidemic. Helped helpless people, sold his first double century bat at auction to raise money for them.

In an interview with one of the country’s leading national dailies, Mushfiqur expressed his views on standing by the people. There, he said, he wanted to build his own hospital to stand by the helpless people, where free treatment would be provided.

Mushfiqur told the national daily about the future plans of the MR Foundation in his name, “I want to build a hospital where free treatment will be provided. This is my main goal. Besides, I have plans to set up a cricket academy in my district Bogra under the foundation. Now we are working on education.

We have been trying to help some poor meritorious students in Bogra with monthly scholarships for 8-10 years. We want to do it on a larger scale. From Bogra we can spread it all over Bangladesh. I have also tried to help the flood victims.